Raising the roof in Factory, Manchester

Imagine going for a night out in town, for it to end with you holding the ceiling of a club up due to it falling through… That’s what Manchester party goers had to deal during the early hours of Sunday morning (February 12th) in a club called Factory.

The Factory night club in the centre of Manchester is a staple night out for students all over the city, with its ‘Quids In Mondays’ and three floors of different genres of music.

However, during the early hours on Sunday morning, students were left quite literally ‘raising the roof’ of the club when the ceiling on the first floor of the club caved in. As the panel of the ceiling fell through, dust and glass was scattered all over the floor and onto the clubbers below it.

Factory issued a statement on all of their social media platforms the morning after the event:

However, when contacted to give some information about what happened on the night they refused to give any quotes or any more information than that that could be found in the statement they provided to the public.

In 2014, ironically in February, the exact same thing happened to the ceiling of Factory and clubbers were left, once again, holding the ceiling up. As well as Factory being in the news twice for its faulty ceiling, last year a teenager was assaulted in the city centre shortly after being involved in a dispute inside the club.


A student that was in Factory on the night it happened said, “We just felt this weight on our heads, it didn’t hurt but it was a bit of a shock.

“People started to scream and yell but after a few minutes everyone calmed down. You could tell that the staff and bouncers weren’t prepared, it took the DJ about 5 minutes to turn the music off and for them to start evacuating people.


“Lights smashed when it happened and I got dust and glass in my eyes. I don’t think anyone was injured but a good night out definitely took an unexpected turn.”

Factory say the will be open as normal after the event but the first floor will be shut until they fix the ceiling.


The Grammy Wardrobe

Not only has this week graced us with New York Fashion Week, putting us in the right frame of mind to appreciate and digest some quite bold and daring statement outfits, but the Grammys followed NYFW in suit. The Grammys is the perfect place for celebrities and artists to push the boundaries and test the limits of the red carpet. Before the musical acts for the night put on their stage costumes, we had a look at their entrance outfits and oh boy were there some ‘fashion statements’.


Wears Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci.

Once again, Adele absolutely slaying an elegant look which she took to the stage in to receive her award for album of the year. The dress is very flattering on her (slight Princess Fiona from Shrek vibes but it works) and the elegant style of the dress completely masks Adele’s party animal persona that was all know lies underneath that Givenchy gown.


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Wears an Armani Privé look with a Roger Vivier clutch and jewels by Chopard and David Webb.

Rihanna perfectly exposes her tattoos with her red carpet outfit this year. The orange and black combination could be quite halloweeny but Rhi Rhi makes it work. The skirt looks like she could be hiding people underneath it and her crop top is tailored strategically around her sternum tattoo.

😍😍😍 #Rihanna #GRAMMYs | 📷: Getty #RihannaNavy

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Lady Gaga

Wears a shiny leather ensemble with feather embellishments and plenty of underboob by Alex Ulichny.

Yes yes yes yes. Lady Gaga is notoriously crazy on the red carpet and her outfit this year was everything we wanted and more. Leather, chains, heels no other human could walk in and boobs. Also, take note of the chest area that is visible in Gaga’s outfit – apparently it was the trend this year to have outfits which exposed this area. Gaga looks like she’s just stepped off a motorbike and is about to rule your world with some insane sex.

Cee Lo Green

No one knows what the heck he’s wearing.

What why how who? We feel like Cee Le Green just thought ‘right, what ridiculous outfit can I wear this year?’. Is he trying to be the Trump Tower? A chocolate bar wrapper? Who knows.

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Celine Dion

Wearing Zuhair Murad Couture

Absolutely owning the red carpet in this emerald, fitting dress – Celine is nearly 50 and still looks incredible no matter what she wears. The dress exposes her chest and the slit is subtle but sexy.

#celinedion #grammys #grammys2017

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Demi Lovato

Wearing a Julien Macdonald dress and David Yurman jewels

Obviously got the inner boob memo. Demi’s dress looks very classic and flattering on her. It exposed her curves in a perfect way and her long hair looks so effortless which works beautifully with the dress.

When your dress is completely see through…… 😈😇

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Carrie Underwood

Wearing Elie Madi Jimmy Choo Max platforms

New drinking game, every time you see a key hole cut dress on the red carpet, drink. But, Carrie Underwood looks on fire with this slightly sheer red gown. The sleeves of the dress are dramatic which sort of work but would have worked better if they weren’t there as they sort of take away from the rest of the dress and its detail.

#Grammys Red Carpet: #CarrieUnderwood and #KelseaBallerini

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Wearing Ralph & Russo

Oh look, that special section of chest which almost every female celebrity had on show at this year’s grammys. I feel like we haven’t seen JLo this covered up on the red carpet in quite a while but somehow, she still makes it look sexy… HOW. We’re just not really sure about the creation that going on around her neck… Is it tissue paper? Is it a flower? Who knows but she still looks to die for.

Katy Perry

Wearing Tom Ford

Blonde Katy Perry we LOVE. Her red carpet outfit, not so much. She sort of looks like a very expensive paint brush… From the waist up everything works. The chrome top half of the dress goes perfectly with her makeup and hair, but as you move down, a Sesame street character emerges from her bottom half.

Laverne Cox

Wearing custom Bryan Hearns

Elegant leather goddess. Laverne either looks like she’s going to feature in some intense BDSM porn in the morning and be in a business meeting by noon. Her make-up is smoky and sultry and her hair is slick and her entire look works perfectly.


Rocking a plain white t-shirt, black pants and shoes, Skrillex looks like he does every single of day of the week. He is showing the beauty of the Grammy’s red carpet – there are no pressures, you can either go all out (Cee Lo Green with his take on The Trump Tower) or go back to basics, as Skrillex has shown us with his outfit choice.

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Charli XCX

Wearing Vivienne Westwood

Where does the red carpet start and finish? Charli literally looks like she is wearing the red carpet this year. She looks very elegant and the shape of the top of the dress is stunning.

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Tori Kelly

Wears a Badgley Mischka dress, Neil Lane jewels, and Edie Parker clutch.

Imagine the flamenco dancer emoji but in a green dress and with blonde hair and you have Tori Kelly at the Grammys. However, Tori owns that green dress and beachy blonde waves.

Self-defence for wheelchair users

A self-defence academy in Manchester opens its doors to wheelchair users, teaching them the art of Keysi to make them feel safer on the streets. Lauren Bones spoke to Chief of the academy Richard Lawrence about the new classes.

Established by Chief Instructor Richard Lawrence, Keysi NorthWest is a Keysi Academy specificially for the North West of England. They train in both Manchester and Liverpool for people of all abilities and from the age of 15.

Earlier this year, Keysi announced that they were going to start providing classes for wheelchair users to increase their safety on the streets and at home. “The wheelchair lessons are something that the owner of the Fighting Fit gym, Jay Cahill and I do as demonstrations to show people with disabilities what their bodies are capable of,” Instructor Richard explains. Before becoming the chief of Keysi NorthWest, Richard served in the army for 9 years in Iraq and Afghanistan, “Some of my comrades are now amputees. This and the fact that Jay is an above the knee amputee and is a brown belt in Brazilian jujitsu is what made me think about what is possible for a wheelchair user to be capable of, in the means of self-defence”.

1. The images are from a demonstration Keysi Northwest performed at Manchester Metropolitan University.

They train individual wheelchair users on a need by need basis however classes aren’t regular as such, Richard explains that “It’s very difficult to get groups of wheelchair users together in one place at the same time for such a thing!”

“We train two things in essence – attitude and body mechanics” Richard explains that Keysi is a form of self-defence which is seen in big Hollywood films like The Dark Knight and Jack Reacher. It focuses on how the body moves during a fight and relies on recognising what the body is capable of which is perfect for wheelchair users.

Advanced students of Keysi are able to learn ground work self-defence.

Wheelchair users will do a lot of work striking the focus mitts and this works on their timing, coordination and spatial awareness, as well as lifting emotional energy, “We also do some floor/ground work for the more advance students. Everyone has different capabilities and that is why the training is different from person to person.”

Richard states that “I’ve heard so many stories of wheelchair users being threatened but so far I’ve seen no evidence that wheelchair users are more likely to be attacked.” The classes take place to help wheelchair users feel less vulnerable and more safe in their everyday lives.

For more information about Keysi and their wheelchair classes visit: http://keysinorthwest.co.uk/ or Richard via Twitter @keysinorthwest