10 Things They Don’t Tell You About First Year

1. Freshers 

You will meet so many new people during freshers weeks, and in my case, I had two weeks worth of freshers. Try to take advantage of any flat parties people are putting on, as daunting as it may seem to just rock up to a strangers flat, it’s the best way to meet people. You don’t always need to buy whatever wrist band is being thrown about for freshers week, so many of my friends have said it was a waste of money, just pace yourself and have a good time.


2. Buy a tool kit

I know what you’re thinking, “why in the world would I need a tool kit at uni” but trust me. I’m the only person in my flat that brought a tool kit with me and everyone laughed at me but funnily enough, I’ve had people from different floors in the flat I’m living in asking to borrow a screw driver or hammer, so let them laugh but you will not regret bringing a tool kit.


3. Take advantage of Domino’s deals 

They are literally the best thing to ever grace the earth. Feed 4 people for £5 each???? Hell. Yes.


4. Wash up 

If any of my flat mates are reading this, they will be screaming at the screen right now. I will admit, I suck at washing up. I am the person that leaves my dirty pans and plates on the side until they pile up like the leaning tower of Pisa, and after a few days, things start to get mouldy and gross so, try and find atleast 10 minutes to do your washing up, it will keep your flatmates happy.


5. Printing costs money

If you can, try get your flat/house mates together to buy a cheap printer. It’s the best thing we’ve done as a flat and it will save you soooo much money on printing and also a treck to the library (or where ever the nearest printing facilities are located to you.) You’re a student now, you will spend 90% of your time completely broke.


6. You will make friends

I completely understand how terrifying and daunting university can be, especially if none of your friends are going with you but, you will make friends so easily. Whether it’s the people you live with, the flat next door or people on your course, everyone is in the same position at uni, and it’s one of the easiest places in the world to make friends.

giphy (1)

7. Don’t waste all your money on Mcdonalds

(Especially after a night out, I am 110% guilty of this)


8. Keep vouchers/coupons for EVERYTHING

Dominos, Amazon, Mcdonalds, free entry to clubs, they will come in useful.


9. You don’t need to go to lectures 

But if you don’t, they will start to haunt you so even if you got in at 4am the morning of your law lecture, get your arse out of bed and try to go, even if you are hungover or in some cases, still drunk. 200

10. You’ll break things and probably set off the fire alarm at least once

There’s a chance that your flat mates (or you) won’t be able to cook so things will get burnt and maybe set on fire, but life goes on, we learn from our mistakes.


Don’t drink too much and have fun.