We have waiting patiently and it’s FINALLY here.
Beyonce released Lemonade last Friday and now the 6 God has dropped Views (formerly Views from the 6). The 20 track album is currently only available on iTunes and Apple music and if you’ve not yet listened to it, you need to.


First track we are blessed with on the album is ‘Keep the Family Close’. The orchestral opening to the ballad is reminiscent of a Bond theme, with some big string stabs and stunning melody. I feel like trust issues are centered around the lyrics of this song, ‘All of my “let’s just be friends” are friends I don’t have anymore’.

The next track is ‘9’ and ohhhhh my. The beat to this song is disgustingly good (I highly recommend listening through headphones). “I turn the six upside down, it’s a nine now.” The lyrics are all about Drake’s home town and it’s a perfect follow up to the first ballad track.

‘U With Me?’ is one of my personal favourites. It sounds like it could have fit perfectly on his Take Care album. The track is a twisted love song about whether a girl is really with him or not, “it’s like a lot of games are being played, how’s it going down”

‘Feel No Ways’ has got a serious 80’s feel to it and is another one of my favourites. Another love focused track which I think we really hear Drake’s vocal ability. Feel like you can definitely feel the Majid Jordan influence on this track and we get another taste of that orchestral style at the end of the song.

A track with the name ‘Hype’ was only going to sound one way and that’s with fast hi-hats, heavy bass and Drake spitting hard. ‘Hype’ sounds very reminiscent of ‘Worst Behaviour’ or ’10 Bands’.

#VIEWS Tracklist

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There’s a huge contrast between the last track and ‘Weston Road Flows’. It’s a real throwback to the 90s so an appropriate track to be about Drake’s past.

‘Redemption’ is another ballad/slow track. It’s very reminiscent of Marvins Room and Drake goes for a more simple kick and snare beat.

The next track ‘With You’ features PARTYNEXTDOOR who I’m also a big fan of. It’s a real head-nodding track but still manages to be stripped back. I feel like this track is going to be huge in the summer afternoons, “It’s about us right now girl where you going?”

‘Faithful’ is another track with some filthy bass going on in the background. Again, we get to hear Drake’s gorgeous vocals mixed with Pimp C’s heavy style.

The intro to ‘Still Here’ is darrrrk, but, the bass and bounce is ridiculously catchy and gets your head nodding. Also the percussion that comes in at 2:22 is unexpected but soooo good.

So far, everyone who I’ve spoken to ‘Views’ about has said ‘Controlla’ is their favourite track and I can’t help but agree. It’s such a feel good song and is very reminiscent of ‘Hotline Bling’. Definitely another summer track.

Another song which Drake has managed to do some more beautiful dad dancing to, ‘One Dance’. I have tried my best not to overplay this track because it is so damn beautiful to listen to. The reworked stabs from Kyla’s ‘Do You Mind’ are stunning and fit perfectly.

‘Grammys’ featuring Future will be heard a lot over the summer as they’re touring together. This track is a contrast from the last few, back with the heavy base and drilled hi-hats. Also the beat that comes in when Feature starts his verses is crazy heavy.

“I say bounce that sh*t like woah”, ‘Childs Play’ is a fast beat track, with that iconic bass and hi-hat beat coming in for the chorus. This song is another one of my favourites.

We’re all well aware of ‘Pop Style’ and its haunting sound. The track is dark and has the legends Jay Z and Kanye teaming up with Drake on the song. It’s not the strongest track on the album but its so different to anything Drake has ever released before.

I always love a Rihanna and Drake collab, and ‘Too Good’ is absolutely stunning. Although the hook isn’t strong, the beat and vocals work perfectly together. Rihanna’s vocals, as usual, gave me Goosebumps.

Not really sure what to make of the ‘Summers Over Interlude’… Sounds like the soundtrack to a really old school, porn soundtrack.

‘Fire & Desire’ has a smooth and gorgeous intro and I cannot get enough of it, (sampling Brandy’s ‘I Dedicate’.)

With a track name like ‘Views’ I think we’re allowed to expect big things and that’s exactly what this is. It’s an invigorating end to the album and I think it should have been the last track on the album as it would be a perfect finisher.

And then we’re greeting with the infamous ‘Hotline Bling’. Although it is a banger, and we all love to throw down a dad dance when it comes on, it feels like a weird end to the album, I know its supposed to be a bonus track but still, weird.

20 very different tracks are a lot to take in on an early afternoon but I am in love with this album. I feel like a lot of the tracks are unlike Drake has ever released before, but it works really well together.
My favourites on the album are ‘9’, ‘U With Me?’ ‘Too Good’ ‘Controlla’ and ‘Hype’.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, Drake’s new album Views is available on iTunes now.


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